Plastic Injection

Superior Technical Production Skills

We produce with plastic injection molding machines equipped with advanced technology in various capacities and technical specifications in order to provide perfect, competitive and just-in-time service to our customers' serial and special projects. We have machines with various features and capacities such as Horizontal, Vertical Rotary Table, 2 K Rotary Table, Side Unit from 100 tons to 1.300 tons, as well as energy efficient, fast and precise full electric machines. We continue to grow by renewing and diversifying our machine park in order to provide solutions to the different needs of our customers to whom we provide products and services. 

Our Production Capabilities

  • Visual parts
  • Aesthetic parts 
  • Technical parts
  • Over mold parts
  • 2 K parts
Plastic Injection Molding Machines

Mold Design and Manufacture

We design, develop and produce flawlessly

Starting in 2006, we started mold production under the Ormold brand in 2013 by combining our experience in plastic injection molds with the investment in advanced mold processing machines and experienced human resources. Today, Ormold, which has the capacity to produce 50 molds per year, serves local and international companies. We strive to offer superior value to customers and main manufacturer OEMs by managing the entire process from the proposal stage to mass production with a solution-oriented and holistic perspective. With our high precision machine tools, CAD/CAM design capabilities, experienced and expert team, we produce high quality and precise plastic injection molds that fully meet customer demands and expectations.

Our Production Capabilities

  • Visual part patterns
  • Lens molds
  • Aesthetic part molds
  • Technical part molds
  • Over mold part molds
  • 2k part molds
Our Machine Park

Robotized Automation Systems

Fast, accurate and safe production

We use robotic production systems to ensure product quality, increase production speed and provide a safe working environment. We increase our competitiveness by combining the software capabilities of our expert staff with innovative technologies. Robotic systems, which enable us to produce standardized products with high repeatability, also provide energy efficiency by shortening cycle times and reducing losses.

The production of the robot arm and robot software of our systems, in which we guarantee our product quality with robotic part control automation with cameras, are carried out by our technical staff.

Assembly Part Production

Automation and advanced assembly and control systems

In our assembly lines, we install systems that seamlessly combine the plastic parts we produce with semi-finished and auxiliary components. 

The design of assembly automation, which requires engineering, knowledge and experience, is developed by our team of experts in accordance with customer specific requests and individually for each project. During the part quotation and feasibility phase, we determine the assembly equipment and design the automation of the cell systems. While designing the assembly process and assembly benches, how the process will be carried out, control methods, part control points, ergonomics and speed, occupational health and safety are also evaluated together. After project approval, we carry out assembly operations on the prepared benches.

We assemble all parts at the assembly counters using various special apparatus, turn them into final products and pack and ship them after detailed final control processes.