Powerful Solution Partner of Customers
Expert staff, advanced technology and advanced infrastructure

We strive to establish sustainable collaborations based on mutual trust. We continuously improve our knowledge, technology and infrastructure in order to respond to the changing needs of the day. We always stand behind our products and services from the preliminary design of projects to production and after-sales processes. We care about being a team with high technical capacity and strong communication skills. With all our resources, we will continue to fully meet the changing needs of our customers, add value to their work with our service and take part in new projects with confidence.

Superior Production Skills
Expertise in Over Mold and 2 K Part production

We have a strong machine park with high-tech injection molding machines and robotic production systems in various capacities. We produce a wide range of visual, aesthetic, technical parts and assembled products with our machines with different features such as rotary table, side unit, horizontal and vertical. We produce molds and parts for over mold and 2 k projects that require technical infrastructure and expertise. We constantly monitor and improve our efficiency with special software such as automation, instant data collection systems, energy monitoring module.

Effective Supply Chain Management
Right product, right time, right place

In line with the needs of our customers and our production plans, we ensure the continuity of our production by effectively and efficiently procuring raw materials, by-products, semi-finished products and packaging. We monitor and manage all processes instantly with the advanced ERP system to ensure that orders are received, entered into the system, material requirement planning, procurement, safety stock management and just-in-time shipment are realized flawlessly. 

Flawless Results from Design to Production
We have made our injection molding experience the source of mold design input

The right mold means trouble-free production. We transfer the experience gained during the mold problems and solutions during the production process to the mold design process. Our powerful injection molding machine park and advanced quality laboratory contribute greatly to providing our customers with perfect products in mold design, production, trial and commissioning processes. Our mold production expertise under the same roof is the assurance of fast and effective solutions to mold problems that may occur in plastic injection part production and uninterrupted production.

Integrated Corporate Information Management System
All our processes are under control with the data-based instant tracking system

We have completed our "Digital Transformation" process to work effectively and efficiently based on data. We offer lean, flexible, fast and secure service with our integrated data management system that includes all our processes such as planning, resource management, procurement, production, quality and shipment. We minimized our production losses with our system where we instantly monitor the production data of each part. With the rapid intervention opportunity brought about by instantly detecting deviations, we prevent energy, raw material and labor losses and ensure our uninterrupted production.