Who Are We?

Plaskar was established in 2005 in Bursa Kayapa Organized Industrial Zone to serve the automotive industry in the field of plastic injection parts production. It is the first company of the Orakçı Group of Companies, which has been operating in various sectors, especially in machinery, public services and construction since 1978, to serve the automotive main industry.

Plaskar, which currently produces plastic parts for the automotive, public transportation, aviation, white goods and packaging sectors, has also been producing plastic injection molds under the Ormold brand since 2013.

Serving in a 10,000 square meter closed area, Plaskar has a strong machine park with high-tech injection molding machines and robotic production systems ranging from 100 tons to 1300 tons. While producing a wide range of products from double component parts to assembled products with European injection molding machines with various features such as rotary table, side unit, horizontal and vertical, it offers perfect service with its expert team and continuously developed infrastructure.

Plaskar, which has IATF 16949 certification, manages all its processes in a data-based, effective and integrated system with its digital infrastructure and ERP system that it continues to develop. Plaskar continues to provide privileged service in the sector by assuring product quality with its raw material testing laboratory in accordance with the standards, advanced measurement devices such as laser scanning, CMM and profile projection.

Plaskar, which has long-term project collaborations with its customers, ensures the realization of project processes within the APQP discipline in line with customer demands and special requests with its dynamic and experienced engineering staff. All processes such as mold design, part production, raw material tests, quality measurements, inventory management, just-in-time shipment are carried out without error and without interruption.

Plaskar, which values learning and development together with its employees, increases its product and service quality day by day with its ongoing infrastructure and technology investments.

Having proven its quality in the Turkish automotive industry, Plaskar continues to work with all its strength to become a preferred and steadily growing global brand with its sustainable strong collaborations, advanced information and technology infrastructure, new production areas and its own products.

President's Message

"The most important strength of Plaskar is that it is not only the supplier but also the solution partner of its customers."

In 2004, since the first day we started to produce plastic injection parts for the automotive industry, we have given importance to continuous development. In our 20th year, we are proud to be one of the preferred and respected companies in the sector with our experienced, innovative and talented human resources. 

From today onwards, we will continue on our path with confidence, constantly renewing and developing our expertise and organization while remaining true to our core values. 

We have always aimed to be a trusted solution partner, not a supplier, and to establish long-term collaborations with our customers. We have improved our production and management skills with each new project. We have specialized in mold design and mass production of parts that require high knowledge and experience and use advanced injection technology. We continue to work with all our strength to be the first company that comes to mind and preferred in special projects. 

We allocate resources to renewing and improving our machinery and equipment technology together with new projects. But what we find more valuable and important than this is the transfer of learned experience and the transformation of corporate memory into a system. At this point, we allocate resources for digital transformation, developing our corporate information management systems, and managing all our processes in an integrated manner and based on instant data. In this way, we ensure lean, flexible, fast and efficient service and uninterrupted production. 

Farklı sektörlerde yer alan grup şirketlerimizle yarım yüzyıla yaklaşan yolculuğumuzda önceliğimiz; Plaskar’ı sürdürülebilir güçlü işbirlikleri, gelişmiş bilgi ve teknoloji altyapısı,  yeni üretim alanları ve kendi ürünleri ile istikrarlı büyüyen global bir marka yapmaktır. Hedeflerimiz yüksek ve bu yolda enerjimiz sonsuz…

I would like to extend my endless thanks and respect to my colleagues and all our stakeholders who are members of this family and who work sincerely to achieve the goals we have set together.

Chairman of the Board

Mission & Vision


To produce plastic injection parts and molds flawlessly, competitively and on time in line with customer needs and total quality system targets


To be a steadily growing global brand with sustainable strong collaborations, advanced information and technology infrastructure, new production areas and its own products

Our Values

We are customer-oriented

While offering our products and services, we have adopted the principle of ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting the expectations and needs of our customers in a timely, high quality and consistent manner.

Our goal is flawless production

With our continuous improvement efforts and innovative structure, we strive for standard, flawless production and error-free products.

Our greatest asset is our human resources

We believe that we can realize our goals with the strength we derive from our human resources. We prioritize the satisfaction and development of our employees and allocate resources to these issues. We take care to create working environments where mutual trust and respect prevail and where participation and diversity are valued.

We are committed to honest working principles, superior business ethics and ethical values

We accept the occupational health and safety management system as an integral part of our work culture. We allocate resources to ensure a safe working order and environment and to raise the awareness of our employees in order to minimize the dangers that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

We offer a healthy and safe working environment

In our relations with our employees, customers and other stakeholders, we adopt the principle of compliance with laws and ethical rules, transparency, good faith and understanding.

We respect different points of view

We believe in the power of teamwork and that new, creative opportunities can be found by blending different perspectives and know-how. We value every idea and suggestion of our colleagues and customers.

We attach importance to continuous learning and innovation

We always invest in our human resources and technology to acquire the latest information and technologies by closely following the developments and innovations in the sector we work in. We create resources to maintain our continuously learning and self-renewing structure.

We are sensitive to the environment, we use resources rationally

We ensure that the environmental impacts resulting from our activities are kept under control. We avoid wastefulness by using our resources rationally.

We believe in sustainable growth

We are aware of our responsibility towards today's people and future generations. We believe in the importance of sustainable growth with a strong workforce, infrastructure, knowledge, technology and trust, always mindful of our environmental, economic and social responsibilities.

Protection of Personal Data

As Plaskar, we show maximum sensitivity to the security of your personal data.

We process and store all kinds of personal data belonging to all persons with whom Plaskar is associated in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK). With the full realization of this responsibility, we process your personal data in the capacity of "Data Controller" defined under the KVK Law as explained below and within the limits prescribed by the legislation.

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